Healthy Start MomCare Network

The Healthy Start MomCare Network, Inc. is an administrative service organization representing all Healthy Start Coalitions under the provisions of s.409.975(4)(a), F.S.

The Network is tasked with implementing services provided to Medicaid participants during pregnancy and after delivery under the state’s federal Medicaid waiver.  The Network contracts with the state Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the coalitions to establish specific programs and procedures to improve pregnancy outcomes and infant health among Medicaid recipients, including, but not limited to, coordination with the Healthy Start program, immunization programs, and referral to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, and the Children’s Medical Services program for children with special healthcare needs. In addition, the Network coordinates with managed care plans in providing care for Healthy Start participants and monitors performance on specific measures to determine the adequacy, timeliness, and quality of services for pregnant women and infants.

How to Access Services

Healthy Start services may be accessed by completing the state’s prenatal risk screen at a provider’s office, by referral through a community agency or managed care organization, or self-referral to CONNECT.

Learn more about Healthy Start and services available in your community by contacting your local Healthy Start Coalition, or calling 1.855.889.1090.

If you are enrolled in Healthy Start and have a complaint or concern, find out more about your rights and responsibilities here.

About Us

Board Members

Faye Johnson – President
Monica Figueroa-King – Vice President
Fred Leonard – Treasurer
Andrea Berry – Assistant Treasurer
Shon Ewens – Secretary
Jane Murphy – Past President
Charlene Edwards – At-large Member

Advisory Group Members

Carol Brady
Michael Felix
Matt Guse
Roy Miller
Troy Quast
Shelley Robertson
Judi Vitucci
Betsy Wood

Public Meeting Notice

Meeting notices are also posted publicly at the HSMN Office location.

Conference Call Number:  (888) 585-9008  
Enter Conference Room 904 081 414#

Click on the links below for agendas and webinar information when available. 

Call (850) 999-6200 to confirm if any changes to regularly scheduled meetings.

February 12th, 20208:30amHSMN Advisory Board Meeting
February 6th, 20201:00pmHSMN Finance Committee Meeting
February 4th, 20209:30amHSMN Board of Directors
January 22st, 202010:00amHSMN Finance Committee Meeting
January 21st, 20203:30pmHSMN Board of Directors
(Special meeting)
Orientation Agenda
Job Description
Expertise Inventory
January 7th, 20209:30amHSMN Board of Directors Meeting
January 2nd, 20201:00 pmHSMN Finance Committee Meeting
December 19th4:00pm-5:00pmHSMN Advisory Board Meeting
View Agenda
December 11th4:00 pmHSMN Provider Update
December 5th2:00 pmHSMN Finance Committee Meeting
December 4th9:00 amHSMN Advisory Group Meeting
December 3rd9:30 am HSMN Board of Directors Meeting
November 22nd 1:00 pm HSMN Advisory Group Meeting
November 201:00 pmHSMN Finance Committee Meeting
November 7th 1:00 pm HSMN Finance Committee Meeting
November 5th 9:30 pm HSMN Board of Directors Meeting
October 15 4:30 pm HSMN Provider Update
October 3 1:00 pm HSMN Finance Committee (being rescheduled)
October 1 9:30 am HSMN Board of Directors
September 1212:00 pm Board of Directors Meeting
September 102:00 pm Finance Committee Meeting
September 51:00 pmFinance Committee cancelled due to hurricane
September 39:30 am Board of Directors cancelled due to hurricane
August 1410:00 amSpecial Board of Directors Meeting
August 131:00 pmFinance Committee
August 912:00 pmSpecial Board of Directors Meeting
August 69:30 amBoard of Directors meeting postponed to August 9
July 314:00 pmSpecial Board of Directors Meeting
July 103:00 pmFinance Committee
July 111:00 pmBoard of Directors
July 29:30 amBoard of Directors meeting postponed to July 11

Reoccurring Meetings

HSMN Advisory Group
8:30-9:30 a.m. EDT
Meets 2nd Wednesday of Every Month
(888) 585-9008
Conference Room 904 081 414#

HSMN Finance Committee
1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Meets 1st Thursday of Every Month
(888) 585-9008
Conference Room 904 081 414#

HSMN Board of Directors
9:30-10:30 a.m. EST
Meets 1st Tuesday of Every Month
(888) 585-9008
Conference Room 904 081 414#

Special Information for Health Plans

Healthy Start Coalition Contact List