Vanessa Rowland-Mishkit, RN, BSN, LHRM

Vanessa Rowland-Mishkit is the former Clinical Director of the Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Project, a program of REACHUP, Inc. As Clinical Director, she acted as the professional liaison between the Federal Healthy Start Project, State Healthy Start, Healthy Start Coalition of Hillsborough County and providers in the community. She has vast experience working with the Healthy Start System of Care, developing policies and procedures for Perinatal staff including risk assessment, quality improvement, clinical oversight, technical assistance, educating nursing/medical staff and paraprofessionals. In addition to her 39 years nursing experience in high-risk obstetrics, she also has experience with medically fragile pediatric clients. Vanessa received her BSN from Columbia University School of Nursing and obtained a Graduate Certificate in Leadership from the University of South Florida. Ms. Rowland-Mishkit is also licensed as a Health Care Risk Manager. She is currently semi-retired and enjoying her time with her grandchildren.