About Us

Florida’s Association of Healthy Start Coalitions (FAHSC) harnesses the power of over 30 years as a leading nonprofit in the state of Florida to improve the lives of families through services developed to meet the needs of pregnant and post-partum women, fathers, infants, and young children up to age three. Using a community-focused model, FAHSC supports 32 Healthy Start Coalitions throughout the state in services tailored to the unique needs of their communities while also facilitating statewide services.

Services are provided through a suite of programs based on proven methods for delivering a continuum of high-quality care that’s accessible and affordable. Programming includes education and support for pregnant and post-partum women, resources for parenting infants and children up to the age of three, education and support for dads, avenues for connecting families to resources and services in their communities, access to doulas, and more. Additionally, an important part of our programming is federal funding for evidence-based home visiting services.

Vision, Mission, Purpose

Vision–Every baby will have a healthy start in life.

Mission–To improve the health of pregnant women, mothers, babies and families through statewide advocacy and initiatives that support local communities and Healthy Start Coalitions.

Purpose–To develop and support local systems of care to optimize the health of Florida mothers, pregnant women, babies, and families.

Values and Equity statement

We believe:

  • All families should have equitable access to services and support to help their baby have the best possible start in life.
    • We commit to:
      • Providing outreach services and support to neighborhoods with health inequities in our local communities.
      • Respecting and honoring differences in race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status.
    • There are health inequities in our nation that impact Maternal and Child Health (MCH) outcomes that must be addressed.
      • We commit to:
        • An internal review of policies and procedures at the state and local levels.
        • Requiring relevant equity training of all staff and subcontracted providers.
  • Reviewing service and outcomes data to identify inequities and develop action plans.
  • Families should have an active voice in the services provided.
    • We commit to:
      • Having family voices at the Board or advisory role in every Coalition.
      • Having families be the lead in setting their goals and our workers be active listeners and supporters to empower families.
      • Being intentional about including dads and all caregivers in our services.
    • In focusing on outcomes and continuous quality improvement.
      • We commit to:
        • Providing services for families with passion and excellence.
        • Systematically reviewing service and outcome data to drive decision making.
        • Incorporating continuous quality improvement initiatives in every Coalition.
      • In ensuring we are good stewards of all funding to serve Florida’s families by upholding the values of transparency and accountability.