ECCS Final Report

FL Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS)
Impact Project

Completed by:
Ghia Kelly & Paloma Prata, ECCS Impact Manager
Jennifer Marshall, ECCS Evaluator

Part 1: Program Progress and Outcomes

a. Overall Program Aim:

Florida ECCS has made several major accomplishments over the last five years at the state and community levels related to improving the early childhood system of care and improving the developmental health of young children throughout our state.

State-Level Accomplishments

The first major state-level accomplishment is the strong relationships we have developed with state-level partners, place-based communities, and parent partners through our ECCS state advisory group. The advisory group was created during the first quarter of the grant, and we spent majority of the first year of implementation building trust with partners and communities, creating a shared vision for the project, and ensuring that we had the right people at the table to accomplish the project aim. The advisory group is comprised of over 30 early childhood experts, representatives from six place-based community initiatives, and five parent leaders. We created an advisory group that was both knowledgeable and diverse as it relates to best practices in child developmental health. The group also included state agency representatives and child advocates who played a key role in spreading and sustaining the work of Florida ECCS.

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