Kay Casey, MA

Kay Casey

Kay Casey has over 35 years’ experience on child welfare programming, fiscal and financial management across federal, state, and Tribal agencies and the private sector.  Kay’s career started in Florida working the frontlines with children and families, eventually working at all levels of state government. 

At the federal level, Kay worked in the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Region IV Office as a Financial Analyst.  She was responsible for multiple states federal reporting on child welfare grants, SACWIS review and analysis and cost allocation plan methodologies.  Kay’s programmatic experience offered a level of understanding and experience at the federal level and was involved in multiple programmatic initiatives while in the Regional Office. 

Following Federal employment, Kay worked for a large management consulting firm as the Child Welfare and Title IV-E Subject Matter Expert. In recent years, she has spent a great amount of time on working with universities and state agencies on Title IV-E stipend programs.  

In August of 2018, Kay started her own company to continue the passion of providing services to agencies in support of children and families.    Kay holds a Bachelor of Social Work and a Master of Art.

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