Joy L. Anderson, PhD, CHES

Although a native of Tallahassee, Florida, Dr. Anderson has a strong passion for the Gadsden Community.  Joy’s passion was sparked during early childhood through her involvement in faith-based activities in Gadsden County.  While her life’s journey has taken many paths, a yearning desire to go where there is no path and leave a trail was the force that drew her back to Gadsden County.

Dr. Anderson currently serves as the Executive Director for the Gadsden County Healthy Start Coalition (GCHSC).  Serving in this capacity for nearly ten years, Joy is actively working to bring awareness to maternal and child health issues that exist in Gadsden County.  Stepping outside her day-to-day role with GCHSC, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions, the Florida SIDS Alliance, Big Bend Transit, and the Gadsden County Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board.  Additionally, she serves as a member of the FSU College of Medicine’s Maternal and Child Health Equity Collaborative, the Gadsden County Home Visiting Partners Collaborative Management Team, and the Gadsden Technical Institute Advisory Committee.  Dr. Anderson’s previous work experience in the county includes serving as a Government Operations Consultant for the Gadsden County Health Department, as well as a consultant to the Gadsden Community Health Council.

Prior to her arrival in Gadsden County, Dr. Anderson worked with the Center for the Study of Health Disparities at Texas A&M University, the Florida Public Service Commission, and Florida’s Office of the Auditor General.

Dr. Anderson’s research agenda involves investigating and elucidating root causes of health disparities to promote health equity in maternal and child health, with special interest in preconception health, birth outcomes, and child growth/development.  Dr. Anderson’s educational achievements include a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry from Florida A&M University and Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Health Education from Florida State and Texas A&M Universities, respectively.  Additionally, she is a certified health education specialist and holds a graduate certificate in Health Services Administration from FSU.

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