Florida ECCS Health Integration Prenatal to Three Program RFP Questions and Answers

Below are questions submitted in response to FAHSC’s positing of the RFP for the ECCS P-3 Program.  This page will be updated as additional questions are received.

  1. Are you all looking for an individual contractor/consultant or an organization that might be able to do this work?
    FAHSC is soliciting for professional consulting services to perform the work described in the RFP.  Both individuals and organizations may respond.  If responding as an organization, personnel assigned should be identified including the level of effort committed.
  2. Additionally, if an organization applies, do you have a limit on the indirect rate that you accept?
    HRSA sets the limit for indirect costs.  Applicable parameters include an organization’s federally approved indirect cost rate or the de minimis 10% indirect cost rate.
  3. I see the start date is November 5 but when is the desired completion date for the project?
    The anticipated due date for completion of the gap analysis and report submission is November 30, 2022.