Communications Consultant RFP Questions and Answers

Rev 7-26-21

  1. The SOW describes social media as part of the activities but doesn’t indicate the number of social posts expected to be drafted per or which platforms. Can you please clarify. Will the consultant be responsible for posting and managing these?

    1. Number of posts:  Consultant will be responsible to develop one health topic and one social determinants of health topic to post each month.  These topics should be the same as the topics in the newsletter.
    2. Platforms:  We have a presence on Facebook and Twitter.  We would welcome any recommendations for prioritizing additional platforms.
    3. Responsibility for posts: Consultant will post and FAHSC staff will manage after the consultant provides an orientation on how to do this for any new platforms. 
  2. Would you be able to supply an example of a past newsletter to give us a sense of the length to help estimate the time it would take each month to source, write and edit the newsletter?

    Response:  We do not have an example as this is a new project.  We are looking for guidance from the consultant on the development.  It should be concise to maintain the reader’s interest but include links to resources with more detail on the issue if the reader wants to learn more.
  3. Is the $14K budget for an entire year, or $1,116 per month, for all services?

    Response:  Yes, the $14k is for an entire year for monthly newsletters and social media posts. Invoicing will be monthly or quarterly depending on what the consultant would prefer.
  4. How will success be measured regarding these monthly services?

    Response: We would appreciate guidance from the consultant on success measures.  Our initial thoughts are measurements around:
    1. The number of people who receive the newsletter
    2. The number of people who click on a link in the newsletter.
    3. The number of “likes” and “comments” for a posting
    4. The number of followers
  5. Will FASHC provide vetted and chosen family ambassadors to the chosen vendor, or will recruitment be required of the vendor?

    Response:  Healthy Start will recruit, vet and choose family ambassadors; it will not be the responsibility of the consultant to recruit families.
  6. Will FASHC provide the general messages, topics, etc. that the chosen vendor can use to create a virtual training session for the ambassadors?

    Response:  The CEO will work with the consultant on developing the general messages, etc.  We are open to recommendations from the consultant.  We are envisioning a Zoom meeting with ambassador families to provide coaching on presenting their story, answering questions, and helping families feel comfortable in understanding what the interview/event will be like.  The local Coalition Executive Director will also provide staff to help in working with the families.
  7. Can you describe the existing audience for the monthly newsletters and social media content?

    Response:  Existing audience includes
    1. 32 Coalitions who may forward the newsletter to their local distribution lists.
    2. MIECHV home visiting providers
    3. Funders such as DOH, AHCA, DCF, HRSA, etc.
    4. Legislators, House and Senate staff
    5. Other maternal and child health partners across the state such as United Way, Children’s Forum, March of Dimes, Children’s Campaign, Children’s Movement, etc.
  8. Will the chosen vendor be able to use an FASHC-owned digital newsletter platform (CRM) for distribution, and are recipient lists already existing and set-up on this platform?

    Response:  Yes, the consultant will use a FAHSC digital newsletter platform such as Constant Contact.  Healthy Start staff will set up recipient lists on the platform.
  9. Is there an existing visual template that the vendor will be required to use?

    Response:  No, we are open to recommendations from the consultant.
  10. Will content, key topics, etc. to create monthly publications be provided by FAHSC?

    Response:  FAHSC has a suggested list of health topics to choose from (see below).  FAHSC staff will work with the consultant to identify a list of related topics on Social Determinants of Health.  The consultant will need to create the content and/or use content already available from reputable resources such as March of Dimes, CDC, etc.

    Monthly health topic ideas:
    • Sept—Kick-Off with Infant Mortality Awareness Month: focus on racial disparities in birth outcomes.
    • October—
      • Pregnancy Loss/Awareness Month
      • Safe sleep/SID prevention month
      • Substance abuse prevention month. Focus on SUD as a leading cause of death
    • Nov–Prematurity Awareness Month
    • Dec—HIV/Aids awareness. Resources during pregnancy and birth
    • Jan—Birth defects prevention month
    • Feb—American Heart month.  Focus on maternal deaths due to hypertension, etc.
    • March—nutrition and diabetes during pregnancy
    • April
      • Autism awareness month
      • Alcohol awareness month. Focus on fetal alcohol syndrome
    • May—
      • Mental health awareness month. Focus on perinatal depression.
      • Teen pregnancy prevention month
      • Mother’s Day
    • June—Father’s Day
    • July—Social determinants of health impact on pregnancy
    • August—National Breastfeeding Week
  11. To meet the monthly content requirements, can existing articles, content from other trusted sources, etc. be shared (rather than written from scratch)?

    Response:  Yes.
  12. Is there an existing, effective system (schedule, digital platform, etc.) for coordinating Coalition content submissions each month that Coalitions are already using/familiar with?

    Response:  No.  We are simply planning to email the Coalitions each month for any events/stories they want to share.  We are open to suggestions for a better way to do this.
  13. Can you please share an example of an existing monthly newsletter, and desired examples of social media that will need to be created by the chosen vendor?
  14. Can you please confirm that the monthly “social media communications” is for content creation of a post and not community management?

    Response:  The consultant will not be responsible for community management.
  15. How many social media posts are desired each month?

    Response:  One health topic and one social determinant of health topic that should be the same as the topics in the newsletter.
  16. Based on the budget, can the number of months for the project be reduced at all from the currently listed 11-month timeline? 

    Response: This has been posted as an RFP so we cannot change the terms.  If it is not financially feasible, we would welcome feedback and would repost the RFP if needed.
  17. Is there an incumbent that has executed this type of work for FAHSC previously? Was that work provided to the satisfaction of FAHSC?

    Response:  No, this is a new project for FAHSC.
  18. Can you please disclose the list of organizations who have submitted questions in response to this RFP?

    Response:  Two prospective vendors have submitted questions.
  19. Can you please disclose the list of organizations who were emailed this RFP?

    Response: Seven vendors/consultants have expressed interest in the past in receiving notices of PR related RFPs/ITNs.  Our primary way of posting notices is on our website at