30th Birthday RFP Questions and Answers

This event has been cancelled due to COVID

Rev 7-26-21

  1. How will you measure success of this event?

    1. Total number of attendees and specifically the attendance number of:
      1. Legislators
      2. Legislative staff
      3. House/Senate staff
      4. Governor’s office staff
  2. Please describe your target attendees for the event.

    1. Legislators
    2. House/Senate staff
    3. Governor’s office
    4. Healthy Start Coalitions
    5. Healthy Start MomCare Network Board
    6. Maternal and child health funders and partners such as DOH, AHCA,DCF, March of Dimes, Children’s Campaign, Children’s Movement, etc.
  3. In a few words, can you describe the caliber/style/level of event you are looking for?

    Business attire reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres, drinks, live music (donated), and a short, 15-20 minute program midway through the event that includes a Healthy Start video, client testimonial(s), 2-3 recognition awards.
  4. Is there an already-secured or desired venue for this event?

    Response:  Double tree hotel, or other location near the Capitol.  FAHSC staff is still researching a location.
  5. Is there an already-secured or desired specific date in October for this event?

    Response:  We prefer 10-19-21 with 11-16-21 as a back-up date.
  6. Do you have existing invite lists of people and organizations you would like to attend the event? Does this list include the “key state officials” you would like invited or involved in the event?

    Response:  Yes.  FAHSC staff will compile the list and will partner with the local Healthy Start Coalitions for distribution.
  7. What is the level of “involvement” desired from key state officials?

    Response:  We have submitted a request for a key state official to be our guest of honor/honorary event chair.  We will also be presenting Speaker Sprowls a recognition award.
  8. Can you confirm that the event will be in Tallahassee, FL?

    Response:  Yes.
  9. What is the estimated budget for the event-specific hard costs such as venue, food, AV, etc.?

    Response:  Around $10,000 plus any funds raised through event sponsorships. 
  10. Will FAHSC staff be provided in the lead-up and day-of the event to help support the chosen vendor?

    Response:  Yes.  The vendor will be responsible for orientation and supervision of designated FAHSC event staff.
  11. Will the clients featured in the video be located outside of Tallahassee (asking to clarify video production travel costs)? Do any of these testimonials and other content such as b-roll already exist in an accessible way for use by the chosen vendor? 

    Response:  Clients will not all be from the Tallahassee area. If travel is necessary, we will negotiate payment outside of the SOW following state travel guidelines.  We will work with the consultant on a financially feasible option to see if we need to have the clients travel to Tallahassee for the video production, or work with the local Healthy Start Coalition staff to have their staff video the family and use a mix of still photos and video testimonials. 
  12. How and to what extent do Coalitions across the state need to be involved and communicated with to be a part of this celebration?

    Response:  Healthy Start Coalitions will assist with sharing/follow up on event invitations with local legislators and other potential event attendees.  FAHSC staff will coordinate communications with the Coalitions for the consultant, if wanted, or the vendor will be provided with an email list.  Local Coalitions will also assist in distributing pre-event social media messages highlighting Healthy Start successes over the last 30 years through their local distribution channels.
  13. What, if any, Covid-19 requirements/accommodations need to be considered when planning and implementing this in-person event?

    Response:  We are still determining the impact, if any.
  14. Will sponsorship recruitment and collection of funds be executed by FAHSC staff? For clarification: is it correct to understand that the #5 bullet in the RFP is to charge the chosen vendor with visual design of a sponsorship packet and include sponsors in marketing per FAHSC staff-negotiated sponsorship levels?

    Response:  You are correct in your understanding.
  15. What types of PR and marketing efforts are currently desired or required as a part of this effort?

    Response:  Recognizing there are budget constraints, we are looking to the vendor/consultant for recommendations on pre-event PR/marketing to highlight Healthy Start’s successes over the last 30 years to build awareness of Healthy Start.
  16. Is it the desire of FAHSC to have advertising media buys and other hard costs for marketing/PR included as a part of the “Rate/Cost” section of the proposal?

    Response:  Yes, but we recognize it will be limited due to budget constraints.
  17. Alternatively, will these hard costs be a part of the event-specific budget that FAHSC has outside of this SOW?

    Response:  Advertising hard costs are to be included in the SOW.
  18. Is it the desire of FAHSC to have the Birthday event promoted (per bullet on page 2 of the RFP) OR is it the desire to promote the 30 years of success/impact message statewide?

    The intent is to highlight the 30 years of success/impact message statewide and include a mention of the upcoming event.
  19. Can you please disclose the list of organizations who have submitted questions in response to this RFP?

    Response:  One vendor has submitted questions for this RFP.
  20. Can you please disclose the list of organizations who were emailed this RFP?

    Response: Seven vendors/consultants have expressed interest in the past in receiving notices of PR related RFPs/ITNs.  Our primary way of posting notices of RFPs is on our website at HealthyStartFlorida.com; however, we also email RFPs to the 32 Healthy Start Coalitions.